iSPY Escape Games Fredericton


Escape Room Enthusiast Passport


Purchase an Escape Room Enthusiast Passport at iSPY Escape Games Fredericton (or at other participating Atlantic Canada locations) and collect unique stamps for each game room you play. 

Price: $17.39 plus HST

Passport holders will also receive a discount on the admission price at the following Atlantic Canada locations:



iSPY Escape Games
880 Hanwell Road Unit 207 

 Fredericton, NB 

 E3B 6A3


Breakout Saint John
212 McAllister Drive

 Saint John, NB

 E2J 2S7
(506) 643-8688

Mystery Moncton
94 Lewisville Road

 Moncton, NB

 E1A 2K4
(506) 857-3564


Enter The Bunker
47 Lockheed Crescent

 Debert, NS

 B0M 1G0
(902) 482-4299

Escape Artists
475 Sackville Drive

 Lower Sackville, Halifax, NS

 B4C 2S1
(902) 266-5503

Mind Hack Room Escape
1410 Hammonds Plain Road

 Hammonds Plain, NS

 B4B 1P6
(902) 809-4225

Mind Hack Room Escape
110 Woodlawn Road L100

 Dartmouth, NS

 B2W 2S7
(902) 809-4225



iSPY Escape Games: 

  • Spectrum  
  • Yellow Brick Road  
  • Hanwell Horror  
  • Spybot 

Breakout Saint John: 

  • Trapped 2: Floor 9  
  • Lost Treasure of Captain Kidd  
  • The Heist  
  • Basement of Horrors  
  • Million Dollar Game Show Challenge

Mystery Moncton:  

  • Mayday  
  • Pennsylvania Smith and The Curse of the Pharaoh’s Tomb
  • S.W.A.T.  Operation Anthrax

Enter The Bunker: 

  • War Games USA
  • War Games USSR    

Escape Artists:  

  • Northcutt Family Funeral Home  
  • The Time Machine  
  • The Great Western Bank Heist

Mind Hack Room Escape:  

  • Railroaded  
  • Learn to Love the Bomb  
  • The Cabin 
  • Interrogation  
  • The Greenleaf Heist